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Total Fencing Newcastle is Newcastle’s go-to provider for top-notch fencing solutions. Specialising in residential and commercial fencing, we understand the value a quality fence adds to your property—aesthetically and functionally. Why choose us? Our seasoned team brings years of industry experience, excelling in various fencing materials like timber, colorbond, glass, and aluminium. We’re not just fence builders; we’re experts who can guide you in selecting the perfect fence for your needs.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality. We use only premium materials, ensuring your fence stands the test of time. Plus, our range of services is as comprehensive as possible—from new fence installations to custom designs and repairs, we’ve got you covered.

Ready to elevate your property with a durable and stylish fence? Contact Total Fencing Newcastle today for a free consultation and quote. Let us help you make an informed decision you’ll be proud of for years.

Our Services

Backyard in Newcastle with timber fence

Timber Fencing

Are you wanting a fence that not only brings natural beauty but also durability to your home or property? Timber fencing is the solution you are after . We tailor these fences to complement your property's aesthetic while offering privacy.

White colorbond fence in Newcastle

Colorbond Fencing

Tired of maintaining your home fence or neighbours looking through your timber fence? Our colorbond fencing options provide you with privacy while maintaining durability to give you a long lasting fence for years.

Spike aluminium fence in a residential house

Aluminium Fencing

Aluminium fencing offer a modern, sleek look and exceptional strength. They are especially suitable for coastal areas due to their resistance to rust and corrosion.

Slat fence in a residential house in Newcastle

Slat Fencing

Our slat fences combine contemporary design with adjustable privacy levels. They are crafted to serve both style and function, making them popular choices for modern homes.

Pool with glass fence in Newcastle

Pool Fencing

Ensuring your pool fence is compliant is a must. Our pool fencing options focus on safety without sacrificing style. Designed to comply with local regulations, these fences offer clear visibility and durable construction.

Parking lot with commercial fence in Newcastle

Commercial Fencing

Security is important. Our commercial fencing solutions secure your business premises effectively. We tailor these fences to meet the specific security needs of commercial properties, combining robustness with aesthetic appeal.

Here are some reviews from our previous clients:

Archie B.
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Had a Colorbond fence installed. The team was professional and quick. Highly recommend Total Fencing Newcastle.
Ethan G.
Read More
Total Fencing Newcastle understood my needs perfectly and installed top notch commercial fences. Highly recommend their services!
Tahlia I.
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We wanted a pool fence that was both safe and stylish, and Total Fencing Newcastle delivered on both fronts. The team was punctual, efficient, and left the site spotless. Five stars!
Cody H.
Read More
Total Fencing Newcastle provided a secure commercial fence that looks beaut too. Couldn't be happier.
Xavier C.
Read More
Replaced our old fence with a new timber one. The natural look has totally transformed our backyard. Quick install and it's solid as a rock. Very happy!

Premier Fence Contractors in Newcastle

The Importance of Investing in a Quality Fence

A quality fence is a crucial asset that enhances your property’s security and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, a well-constructed fence serves as your first line of defence, offering peace of mind. 

In addition to residential fencing, we also offer commercial fencing, catering to businesses that require an extra layer of security. But it’s not just about security; a well-designed fence boosts your property’s value and curb appeal. With various styles and finishes, you’re guided by a team of experts committed to exceptional craftsmanship and customer service. Make a lasting investment in your property’s security and appeal with Total Fencing Newcastle.

White picket fence in Newcastle

What Sets Total Fencing Newcastle Apart

We set ourselves apart with our commitment to quality materials, expert craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. We use top-grade materials like timber, glass and aluminium, installed by our local Newcastle fencing contractors, to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. Our customer-centric approach guides you from inquiry to project completion, offering tailored solutions to meet your needs. With transparent, competitive pricing, we make quality fencing accessible without hidden costs. Are you interested in a fencing solution that stands out? Contact us today for a consultation.

Board on board timber fence in Newcastle

Why You Should Hire A Qualified Expert

Hiring a professional fencing contractor offers many advantages, making it a wise choice for homeowners and business owners in Newcastle. The key benefit lies in the expertise and experience our team brings. Comprising highly skilled professionals with years of industry experience, we understand the difficulty of various fencing materials and styles. This enables us to offer expert advice tailored to your needs, whether you’re considering timber, colorbond, aluminium, or pool fencing. Trusting professionals ensures a quality, long-lasting result that meets your property’s unique requirements. Ready to transform your property with a durable and stylish fence? Contact Total Fencing Newcastle today for a consultation.

Expert fence builder inspecting a timber fence

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Newcastle's Top Choice for Quality Fencing

When it comes to top-tier fencing solutions in Newcastle, look no further than our expert team of fence builders. With years of experience under our belts, we’ve honed our skills to provide fencing options that meet the diverse needs of residential and commercial clients. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we handle every aspect of your project with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us the go-to choice for premier fencing services in the area.

But we don’t just stop at delivering high-quality fences; we also offer comprehensive aftercare and maintenance services to ensure your fence stands the test of time.  Our expert team stays updated with the latest industry trends and technologies, ensuring that you receive a fencing solution that is both modern and long-lasting. Ready to transform your property with a top-quality fence? Experience the difference that comes with hiring Newcastle’s premier fence builders by filling out our quote form today.

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Pathwalk in Newcastle with timber fence

Timber Fencing

Our timber fencing services combine natural beauty with durability, offering custom designs to suit your property’s style. Using high-quality timber, we provide benefits like privacy and noise reduction. This environmentally friendly option is built to withstand harsh conditions and last for years with proper maintenance.

Grey colorbond fence in Newcastle

Colorbond Fencing

Our Colorbond fencing services offer a durable and versatile fencing solution that comes in various colours to match your property’s aesthetic. Made from high-quality steel with a unique paint finish, these fences resist chipping, peeling, and cracking, ensuring longevity even in harsh conditions. With a sleek, modern look, Colorbond fences enhance privacy and add value to your property. Their low-maintenance and easy-to-clean nature makes them ideal for those seeking a hassle-free fencing option.

Pool with aluminium fence in Newcastle

Pool Fencing

Our pool fencing services prioritise safety and compliance with local regulations while enhancing the aesthetics of your pool area. Offering a range of options, such as glass panels, aluminium frames with glass inserts, or traditional tubular designs, our fences are designed to restrict access without sacrificing style. Built from corrosion-resistant materials, our pool fences withstand chlorine or saltwater exposure and offer clear visibility to monitor pool activities easily. Our expert installation lets you enjoy peace of mind knowing your pool area is secure and stylish.

Backyard in Newcastle with slat aluminium fence

Aluminium Slat Fencing

Our aluminium fencing services blend elegance and durability with custom solutions to your specific decorative or security-focused needs. These lightweight yet sturdy fences are particularly well-suited for coastal areas, resisting rust, rot, and fading to maintain their appearance over time. One of the standout features of aluminium fencing is its low maintenance; there’s no need for painting or staining, just occasional cleaning with mild soap and water to keep it looking pristine.

Parking lot in Newcastle with commercial fence

Commercial Fencing

We offer tailored commercial fencing solutions in Newcastle to meet businesses’ unique security and privacy needs, like offices, warehouses, and retail spaces. Our range of options includes high-security, chain-link, and ornamental iron fences, all aimed at enhancing security and property aesthetics. With our expertise, you can trust us to deliver quality results that meet your business requirements. Contact Total Fencing Newcastle today for a consultation on our comprehensive residential and commercial fencing services.

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Frequently asked questions and answers about fencing projects.

We offer a wide range of fencing services to cater to the diverse needs of homeowners and business owners in Newcastle. Our services include timber fencing, colorbond fencing, aluminium fencing, slat fencing, pool fencing, and commercial fencing.

A quality fence not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property but also provides security and privacy. It is a deterrent to trespassers and can help protect your loved ones and belongings. Additionally, a well-maintained fence can increase the value of your property.

At Total Fencing Newcastle, we pride ourselves on excellence and customer satisfaction. Our experienced professionals ensure that every project is completed with precision and attention to detail. We use high-quality materials and employ advanced techniques to deliver durable and visually appealing fences.

Hiring a professional for your fencing needs ensures the job is done correctly and efficiently. Professionals have the knowledge and expertise to handle different types of fences and overcome any challenges that may arise during installation or repairs. They also have access to specialised tools and equipment, ensuring a high-quality finish.

Our team at Total Fencing Newcastle will assess your property’s specific requirements, considering budget, desired aesthetics, functionality, and local regulations. We will provide expert advice on the most suitable type of fence that meets your needs.

The duration of a fencing project can vary based on the type of fence and the specific  conditions of your property. Generally, smaller residential projects can be completed within a week, while larger commercial projects may take several weeks.

Serving the Community of Newcastle

Our mission extends beyond providing top-notch fencing solutions; we are committed to creating safe spaces for residents and businesses in the Newcastle community. We understand that a secure fence is more than just a boundary—it’s a vital component in ensuring the safety and well-being of your property and the people within it. 

Whether it’s a home that needs the privacy of a well-crafted timber fence or a business requiring the added security of a robust colorbond or aluminium fence, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of our community members. Our focus on safety and security contributes to a more protected, peaceful community, reinforcing our commitment to improving Newcastle.